Our Story

Christine Holmes, founder of LawyersInHouse.com (LIHDC), was a law student when she first noticed the lack of flexible options in her chosen profession. Only big firms had a presence on campus and their focus was on recruiting candidates who would go on to arduously clock 100-hour work weeks. For everyone else who longed for a bit more life-work balance, there was no discernible path forward.  

As a single parent, with one child who has  Down Syndrome, Christine struggled balancing the demands of parenthood with the demands of working in a boutique law firm and, later, as in-house counsel at Cineplex Entertainment and PepsiCo. Support networks and diverse role models were rare.  

Even as other industries adopted emerging technologies and agile delivery methods, big law remained office-based and reluctant to embrace efficiencies that would allow room for a work-life equilibrium. As a result, Christine saw many experienced lawyers, especially women, leave the profession due to a lack of options, flexibility and opportunities. 

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Christine Holmes
Eventually, struggling to keep up the balance, Christine packed up her family and moved to a rural town in Ontario, where she spent several satisfying years working remotely, providing business-minded legal support to multinationals and startups. She enjoyed a more balanced lifestyle and didn’t miss commuting a bit. She also noticed a growing demand for experienced lawyers who were flexible, responsive and reasonably priced. Thus LawyersInHouse.com was born. 

Christine founded LIHDC to be the change she wanted to see in the legal world, a rethinking of the way law firms are structured and how lawyers work. LIHDC defines success, not by address, office size or billable hours, but as the ability to protect clients’ interests and help their businesses thrive. 

Today, LIH has grown to a full-service law firm of seasoned in-house experts, with extensive experience servicing clients around the globe, across multiple sectors. LIHDC takes pride in fostering an environment where team members feel engaged, included and supported in the vocation they know and love. 

Our Mission

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To be a refreshingly human-centric firm that not only provides exceptional, business-minded legal solutions, but also champions diversity, inclusion, and a healthy work/life balance within the legal industry to make it a positive and enjoyable place for all.  

Our Vision

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A future where the legal profession’s antiquated culture of grueling work hours, uninspiring customer service, and excessively high fees becomes a thing of the past. In its place, a culture that values clients, lawyers, equity, diversity, inclusion, and community will prevail.

Our Core Values


We are not outside counsel, we are in-house partners.


We move the needle on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal industry.


We do not compete; we support.


We provide exceptional client service every single time.

Client Success

We provide businesses with valuable and practical legal advice.


We strive to keep the client happy by honouring our commitments.


We treat each other and our clients with dignity, integrity, and professionalism.


Equity, diversity, & inclusion is at the centre of our mandate

At LawyersInHouse.com, equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords – we believe they are indispensable components of a successful and sustainable business.

The legal profession has a well-known history of exclusion, and systemic inequities persist to this day. That is why we are extremely proud to be certified by WBE Canada as a Diverse Supplier.

By choosing to work with LawyersInHouse.com, your business or legal department will gain access to the talent, perspectives, and solutions that reflect the pluralism of your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

We are committed to building a safe and supportive work culture where individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and persons with disabilities can thrive. We believe that by valuing and embracing our differences, we can create a more just and equitable society.

Let us be part of your story.

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