How do we summarize the year 2020? In my first draft of this note I listed several of the tragic events of this past year. Upon reflection I thought, what is the point of listing them? I do not imagine any of us need a reminder of the struggles, the suffering and the loss. 

I was also thinking of the term “2020 vision”: a test developed in the mid-1800s to express visual acuity, the clarity or sharpness of vision. I recognize this medical test measuring an individual’s sight at a distance of 20 feet is not related to the year 2020 or any events which occurred this year, but the concept of ‘2020’ and ‘clarity of vision’ strikes me. I find myself wondering if 2020 has brought a clarity of vision. Are we more aware of general cleanliness? I imagine most people are washing their hands more often, cleaning surfaces more frequently. Are we examining more acutely where and how we live? Maybe wondering if urban living is what we want or if we assumed we needed to live in a city to find or keep a job? Have we noticed the painful struggle and hateful discrimination faced by so many in a way that we didn’t before? Did we think “it’s not that bad” or “it’s not that bad here” (wherever your “here” may be)? Do we now realize, on a broader and deeper level, we are all in this together? 

Do more people now understand that each and every one of us is responsible to recognize the hate, bias and discrimination that is all too prevalent and that we have a further responsibility to stand up against it and eradicate it? That is my hope for “2020 vision”: that we can turn the struggles of this past year into a new perspective, a new way of looking at our purpose and our responsibilities. 

I feel such gratitude for the year of growth we have had at I want to personally thank our lawyers and our clients for taking this journey with us. I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with so many in-house counsel, lawyers and business people this year to discuss how the provision of legal services needs to change. Legal services need to be more accessible. The industry must become more diverse and inclusive and each one of us has a role to play in making this achievable goal a reality. 

Let’s take our 2020 vision and create an amazing 2021!

Christine Holmes, CEO