This month, we are highlighting the impressive work of Zubdah Ahmad, an in-house lawyer who is not only a skilled legal professional, but also an active global citizen and agent of change.

As the lead volunteer for Canadians of Pakistani Origins (COPO), Zubdah has spent the past 15 years doing charity work for people in need around the world. She became involved with COPO because they work closely with cancer hospitals in Pakistan, a cause close to her heart as her son Yaqoub is a leukemia survivor. Zubdah’s dedication to their cause is truly inspiring.

This past March, COPO held a Fundraiser Iftar to raise money to support those affected by the recent catastrophic earthquakes in Turkey & Syria, which is the most severe earthquake the region has seen in 84 years. All while fasting for Ramadan, Zubdah and her 12-year-old daughter Zaynah were at the forefront of the fundraising efforts and worked tirelessly to ensure the event’s success.

This incredible event brought together people from all over the Greater Toronto Area and raised over $200K!

Even with these amazing successes, Zubdah believes this is only a small fraction of what needs to be done — the earthquakes caused nearly 60,000 deaths along with $110 billion and counting in damages.

While it’s heartening to see that the response phase is now transitioning into the recovery and rebuilding stage, it is important to acknowledge it will take years of hard work and immense support from the international community for things to improve.

This is why fundraising efforts by non-profit organizations and individuals are crucial. As Zubdah rightly says, “If we are in any position to give back, we must”.

Zubdah firmly believes that we all have the power to make a difference. She says “No matter what, we can give our money and we can give our time”. And it’s evident that she has put this philosophy into practice, working tirelessly to help people in need and passing these values down to her children.

At LIHDC, we are honored to have Zubdah Ahmad as a member of our community. Her work with COPO is a testament to her commitment to making the world a better place and we are proud to highlight her phenomenal work.