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Behind every innovative business is an inspiring story.

Christine Holmes, CEO and founder of LawyersInHouse.com, is pioneering change in the legal landscape, offering a win-win situation for both clients and lawyers.

Christine’s insight comes from years of hands-on experience, first in private practice at a boutique law firm and then as in-house counsel at Cineplex Entertainment and PepsiCo, as she juggled a demanding career with the challenges of being a single parent of two children, one with Down Syndrome.

Over the years, as other industries adopted emerging technology and new delivery methods, law firms remained office-based and reluctant to embrace remote working efficacies. Christine was also frustrated by the structure of the legal industry which did not support inclusion and diversity. She saw many experienced lawyers, especially women passionate about their vocation, leave the profession due to lack of flexibility, progression and growth opportunities.


“I loved my work but craved a more balanced lifestyle.”

Eventually Christine and her family decided to make a big change. They packed up the kids and left the city, moving to a rural area just outside a town of 15,000 people. Christine spent several satisfying years working remotely, providing valuable support and business-minded legal advice to large global multinationals and startups. She enjoyed a more balanced lifestyle, quality family time, and didn’t miss commuting one bit. It was during this period that she noticed a growing demand for experienced lawyers who were flexible, responsive and reasonably priced. It was time to rethink the traditional way in which law firms are structured and in which lawyers work.

In addition to adding diversity to the practice of law and fostering inclusion, Christine felt the perception of what makes a “successful” lawyer needed to change.  Rather than be defined by their address, office size or billable hours, a successful lawyer is one who provides excellent client service, protecting their clients interests while helping their businesses thrive, and is still able to have a life. And so the idea for LawyersInHouse.com was born.

“By doing things differently, we’re cultivating happy lawyers and happy clients.”

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