The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum and presented a webinar on “How to deliver change in your legal department and add value to your organization” on June 3rd 2021. The 60-minute webinar, was hosted by Christine Holmes, Founder and CEO of, with panelists Alison Harnick, SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of First Capital, Maryann Besharat, VP Legal and Compliance of Intact Financial Corporation, and Peter Kalins, General Counsel at

The panelists explored real life examples of how they identified challenges facing their legal departments, how they managed such challenges by implementing changes, and created value within their organizations. They spoke about innovating through means of technological solutions, implementing better processes and evolving with the pandemic. Some of the pain points identified were contract management, collaboration, managing external spend, and new pandemic challenges that changed processes and procedures in the workplace.

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The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum focuses on how the intersection of business and law continues to evolve in Canada and beyond. CANLIF Webinars are a series of focused, collaborative presentations from experts at law firms, law departments and third-party sector service providers focused on key themes related to the intersection of business and law.

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To watch the webinar on how to deliver change in your legal department and add value to your organization, click here.