BeeBAGZ are a reusable, biodegradable, sustainable food storage solution

Businesses have the power to play a crucial role in the fight against climate change – they can emit a huge carbon footprint or give individuals the ability to support green products and sustainable practices. Kristi MacDonald, CEO and Founder of EnviroLuv, has a mission to create products that can support a circular economy and give individuals the power to use sustainable food storage products that are truly biodegradable and green.

Kristi receiving the Founders Choice Award from the Muskoka Founders Circle

Kristi was looking for greener food storage options but could not find anything in the market that was both reusable and sustainable. She worked to create a solution: BeeBagz and BulkBagz.  BeeBagz uses a beeswax coating that is reusable, all natural, and zero waste. With bee’s wax sourced from local Canadian beekeepers, EnviroLuv ensures that each step of the process keeps both ethical practices and sustainability in mind. Some people may think paper bags and cardboard packaging can be sustainable; however, Kristi aims to shift away from using pulp products to avoid cutting down trees. BulkBagz are made using a special bio binder and bio coat technology that’s used on recycled kraft paper bags to make them stronger, reusable, and most importantly, a truly green product that reduces trees being cut down, plastics used, and provides a strong and long-lasting product for consumers. When designing her products, Kristi kept sustainability in mind for all stages of the product’s lifespan. From sourcing materials from ethical beekeepers to allowing products to be compostable, EnviroLuv always keeps the environment in mind.

Two years ago, Kristi brought EnviroLuv to the market. Today, EnviroLuv is a certified B Corporation, and their products are sold in 100 retailers across Canada along with distributors in Norway and England. She believes that planet and business can happen together, and that it’s better to just leap in regardless of your business experience or age. “What creates change is small entrepreneurs pushing things up from the bottom”. LIHDC is proud to support businesses like Enviroluv that strive to make the world a more sustainable, green, and better place.