Julia Shin Doi appointed a judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice - News and Events - Toronto Metropolitan University

Source: Toronto Metropolitan University

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and we’re excited to celebrate the appointment of Julia Shin Doi to the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. Shin Doi is a respected lawyer with over 25 years of experience, and she’s the first Asian-Canadian woman appointed to the bench in Ontario.

Her appointment is an important step towards promoting diversity in the judiciary and ensuring that the courts reflect the communities they serve.

Shin Doi has held positions such as General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Governors at Ryerson University and Chief Legal Officer at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. In these roles, she worked hard to create welcoming and inclusive environments for all members of the community.

She is also a founder and past president of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers and a founding member of the Korean Canadian Lawyers Association and Women General Counsel Canada. Shin Doi was also president of the National GC Network and past chair of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (Ontario).

Shin Doi’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion has been recognized by her peers. She has been presented with the R.V.A. Jones Award by the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association for her outstanding contribution to corporate and commercial law.

As in-house lawyers, we can learn a lot from Shin Doi’s example. Her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion can inspire us all. We can learn from her experiences and apply these lessons to our own workplaces.

Shin Doi’s appointment is a reminder that diversity in the judiciary is crucial. It’s important to have judges from different backgrounds and experiences to ensure that the judiciary reflects the communities it serves. This diversity brings different perspectives and insights into how the law affects different individuals and communities.

In conclusion, we congratulate Julia Shin Doi on her appointment to the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario and her recognition with the R.V.A. Jones Award. Her appointment is a significant milestone, and we hope that it will inspire more individuals from diverse backgrounds to consider a career in the judiciary.